Dress for Success
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Dress for Success recognizes how important it is to find the right job, one that matches your strengths, experiences and interests. Just as we work with our clients to help them succeed at their jobs and advance on their chosen career paths, Dress for Success is committed to supporting our employees as they gain valuable skills and grow professionally. Take a look at our job opportunities and see if Dress for Success is the right fit for you!

Dress for Success services and programs are designed to enable and empower women to both succeed and thrive in the workplace. A job interview is the initial step toward financial independence, and Dress for Success has developed tips that will help you navigate through this process. We also have some guidelines for when you land your job and are preparing for your first day and week of employment. Review these career-tips and get ready to make a great first impression either during your interview or your first days on the job!


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